4450 WP Mono-PERC Solar Panel

Half-Cut Cell Modules are used in 445 Wp solar panels. They have a new design that performs better in the sun as well as when there is no or little sun.
These BINARY series modules are manufactured from half-cut cells, which boost module efficiency by lowering resistance, exposing more cell area to sunlight, and enhancing light absorption.
The module’s logical separation ensures greater efficiency and protection in situations where shadows are unavoidable.

Perc Solar Panels are a brand-new solar energy innovation. Passivized Emitter and Rear Cell, or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact, is what PERC stands for. By adding a dielectric passivation layer to the back of the cell, this technology is able to obtain greater power conversion efficiency.

System Voltage1500 V
Series Fuse Rating16 A
Operating temperature range (ºC)-40 to 85
Length x Width x Thickness (L x W x T)1985 mm (L) x 1003 mm (W) x 40 mm (T)
Temperature coefcient of Power (Pm), γ ( /ºC)-0.37
Weight25 kgs
Temperature coefcient of Voltage (Voc), ß ( /ºC)-0.27
Temperature coefcient of Current (Isc), α ( /ºC)0.05
Solar Cells per Module (Units) / Arrangement144
Solar CellMono PERC
Front Glass3.2 mm Low Iron and Tempered glass with ARC coating
EncapsulatePID Free & UV Resistant
Junction Box (Protection degree / Material)IP67/IP68 rated / Weatherproof PPO
Connector (Protection degree / Type)IP68 rated / MC4 compatible
Cable Cross – Section & Length4 mm & 1200mm
FrameAnodized Aluminium Alloy

Why to choose Mono PERC?

  • Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks
  • Glass with anti-reflective coating improve light transmission
  • 1500 VDC system voltage for lower BoS cost
  • Salt mist, Ammonia and Hail Resistant
  • PID Resistant with long term reliability
  • Sustain Heavy Wind & Snow loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa)
  • 10 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Power Output Warranty