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Gujarat has emerged as a leader in rooftop solar energy in India, with a staggering 84% of the country's installations located within the state. At Perfect RenewTech, we are committed to helping homeowners in Ahmedabad and around Gujarat take advantage of the latest solar technologies and government incentives to achieve energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

Ahmedabad Residential Solar Rooftop Panels with Subsidies

Switching to solar energy has never been easier or more affordable. We take advantage of the state and central government subsidies available for residential solar rooftops, which means that you can get the fastest return on investment with minimal capital investment. Our solar power solutions are designed for residential use and have the potential to eliminate your power bill entirely.

Reduce Electricity Bills Monthly

Government Subsidy Available

Low Maintenance cost

25 Year Performance Warranty on Solar PV Panels

Maximise Return on Investment

Our Residential Solar Rooftop Installation Process

We conduct a site survey to assess your property and identify the ideal space for the solar panel installation. Next, our team develops a tailored 3D design for your solar system. Once the design is finalised, we provide a detailed quotation outlining costs and specifications. After your approval, we handle all necessary registration and approval procedures to ensure a smooth installation experience. Once the installation is complete, we efficiently connect the net metre and commission the solar plant. Finally, we set up your solar plant for online monitoring through a phone app and web platform.

How Subsidies Work For Residential Solar Rooftop Installation In Gujarat

As part of its efforts to promote renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions, the government of Gujarat has introduced various subsidies and incentives for residential rooftop solar installation. These subsidies can significantly reduce the upfront cost of installing a solar panel system, making it more affordable for homeowners. Here's how the subsidies work:

Subsidy/Incentive Description
Central Financial Assistance (CFA) 40% subsidy on the benchmark cost or discovered cost (whichever is lower) for solar installations up to 3 kW, and 20% for 3-10 kW systems.
Net Metering Allows residential users to feed excess solar power back into the grid or purchase the same amount of power for free when sunshine is not available, ensuring a consistent and cost-effective energy supply
Tax Benefits A few municipal corporations in Gujarat offer discounts on property tax bills for residential users who have solar rooftop systems installed. These incentives encourage homeowners to invest in solar energy, promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions within the community.

CFA Example

Solar Plant Size Subsidy Rate Benchmark Cost per kW Total Cost without Subsidy Subsidy Amount Net Cost after Subsidy
First 3 kW 40% ₹50,000 ₹150,000 ₹60,000 ₹90,000
Remaining 2 kW 20% ₹50,000 ₹100,000 ₹20,000 ₹80,000
Total 5 kW ₹250,000 ₹80,000 ₹170,00

This table illustrates that for a 5 kW solar plant, the client will receive a 40% subsidy on the first 3 kW and a 20% subsidy on the remaining 2 kW. The total cost without subsidy is INR 250,000, and after applying the INR 80,000 total subsidy, the net cost comes down to INR 170,000.

How Perfect Renewtech Can Help With Subsidies

We assess your eligibility for government subsidies and incentives based on factors such as your location, solar panel system’s capacity, and other technical requirements. We simplify the subsidy process for our customers by taking care of the subsidy amount. You only need to pay the effective payable amount, and Perfect Renewtech will claim the subsidy later. This provides a seamless and hassle-free experience without involving you in the subsidy application process.

Frequently Asked question

  • What is net metering?

    Net metering is a system enabling homeowners to send surplus electricity produced by their solar panel system back to the grid. This can help lower their electricity bills by offsetting the energy consumption during periods of insufficient sunshine, essentially allowing them to utilise the sold energy for free within the same billing cycle.

  • How long does it take to install a residential solar rooftop system?

    The installation time for a residential solar rooftop system can vary depending on the size of the system and the type of installation. However, a typical installation can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

  • What is the warranty period for a residential solar rooftop system?

    The warranty period for a residential solar rooftop system includes a comprehensive 5-year warranty for the overall solar plant, as well as a 25-year performance warranty specifically for the solar panels.